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Eliminate Barriers to Medicine

DiRx is a new type of digital pharmacy that is designed to deliver significant savings to consumers on most-commonly prescribed, FDA-approved generic medications — all delivered to their doorstep through a recurring subscription model.

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Meet our team of experienced health care leaders whose goal is to put consumers first, improve access and affordability.

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How It Works

DiRx's services can be made available to those you serve, without the hassel of insurance.

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Our Pharmacists

All scripts are reviewed by a licensed pharmacy team to ensure that each person's medicines work safely together to keep them healthy.

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Service Guarantee

We know you work tirelessly to care for your community and patients, and that's why we don't rest until it's right.

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We’re Here to Help.

We believe in equal access to medicines for all

We know health care

We’re health care business experts, pharmacists and doctors brought together by the desire to minimize financial, physical and industry barriers to accessing generic medications.

Our experience serves you

With decades of combined experience, our team has worked with leading health care organizations, on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of individuals.

Meet the Team

Photo of DiRx Health's Chief Executive Officer, Satish Srinivasan

Satish Srinivasan

Chief Executive Officer

25 years of pharmaceutical leadership experience building teams and companies, MS, Pharmacy Administration

Photo of DiRx Health's Chief Operating Officer, Ben Maziel

Ben Maizel

Chief Operating Officer

30+ years experience in pharmaceutical commercialization, sales, marketing and distribution (startups and Fortune 500), MBA

Photo of DiRx Health's Chief Business Officer, Nagy Shagrithaya

Nagy Shagrithaya

Chief Business Officer

CEO and Co-Founder of other startups, 24+ years pharmaceutical experience with Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical leader (Merck), MBA and CFA

Photo of DiRx Health's Chief Marketing Officer, Simone Grapini-Goodman


Chief Marketing Officer

18 years as a Marketing and Communications Strategy Executive with Fortune 10 global company (UnitedHealthcare, Optum). Advisory Board Member, MBA

Photo of DiRx Health's Chief Financial Officer, Peter Licata

Peter Licata

Chief Financial Officer

20+ years Pharmaceuticals experience. Board Member, CPA

Photo of DiRx Health's General Counsel, Dimitrios Angelis

Dimitrios Angelis

General Counsel

CEO, Public Board Director, President, General Counsel and startup co-founder. JD, Law and MS, Behavioral Studies

Photo of DiRx Health's Director of Pharmacy, Rima Arora

Dr. Rima Arora

Director of Pharmacy

20+ years in pharmacy industry (retail and manufacturing), 15 years as a Community Pharmacist for CVS Health. PharmD, RPh

Photo of DiRx Health's Strategic Advisor, Dr. Tanya Stewart

Dr. Tanya Stewart

Strategic Advisor

Physician & Executive Clinical leader, decade plus of practice in Internal Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine and the business of medicine. MD, MBA, Strategic Advisor and Investor

Photo of DiRx Health's Strategic Advisor, Dr. JoyBhosai

Dr. Joy Bhosai

Strategic Advisor

Hospital medicine physician and Co-founder of Pluto Health, working to bridge siloed data and address gaps in care. Over a decade experience leading digital health innovations. MD, MPH.